Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Duncan Clan} | Calgary family photographer

It's been a year since my last photo shoot with Jason and his family. From my last family photo shoot with them super adorable baby Alexis became a toddler, super adorable one too :) I think her and I share a special connection :) I love to cuddle her and she gladly let me do it :P
This time it was a special, surprise shoot for their parents, so they asked me not to share anything until the secret it out :) So, the secret is out, and I am very happy to show you what they've been hiding all this time :)

 And we had fun driving a red sport car :P You girls rocked it! So much fun :)

 Look how adorable she is :) Awww :)

I just love this one :)

 Go ahead! Snap a moment!

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