Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Megan + Patrick} | Love story | Calgary couples photographer

This amazing couple is very special to me. They are my good friends, who will be leaving this summer :( I love Megan for her amazing personality (she is a school teacher and can handle anything!) and Patrick is a personal trainer, who kicks my behind for not eating healthy and slacking off at the gym :P Sorry :P I'm trying very hard! is their love story :)
This photo shoot was a surprise gift to Megan on St.Valentine's Day :)
Love you guys!

Baby T and Mr.C | Calgary child photographer

My very good friend has two super adorable kids :) Every time I see them - I just want to grab my camera and shoot away :) see for yourself :) Just by looking at these I want to take pictures of them again :D Tanya, I'm coming over LOL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gorgeous Nicole | Lethbridge maternity photographer

I am very happy that I had this amazing opportunity to photograph this gorgeous mommy-to-be :) Not only, because I'm in love with belly-baby photo shoots, but also because I had the great opportunity to have a very first photo shoot with my super cute nephew :P Yeah...he is right there :) In all the pictures :) Take a look :)

{Monica + Dan} | Calgary wedding photographer

On the cold day, right before Christmas two beautiful people tied the knot :) Monica really wanted to get the "Peter Lougheed House" for their reception, so we had to work around their available date, which was quite interesting :) The day was just perfect! Crispy air, filled with love and lots of laughter :) The amazing thing happened during their ceremony - as the day was pretty grey at first - right after they were pronouced husband and wife the sun start shining so bright, that people were covering their eyes :) It was magical! I Wan to wish you, beautiful people, all the happiness in the world on your special day!

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