Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Olya} | Calgary lifestyle photographer

My dear friend {and my awesome student} Olya and I went location scouting for my upcoming photo shoots :) So, I used the opportunity and took a couple of pictures of her :) Olya, you are just simply gorgeous :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Shirline + Matthew}| Married! | Calgary Wedding Photographer

One of my fellow-photographers, Svetlana, asked me if I could help and second shoot for her. Of course I said yes! :) So, while Svetlana was taking pictures of girls getting ready - I was hanging out with the boyz :) So much fun! Shirline and Matt - you guys just rocked the day :) Congratulations to you and many years of happiness :) And I met the cutest ring bearer yet: meet Jaxon- one of the most intelligent and kind dogs I've met!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things you will soon read about on my BLOG | Calgary wedding photographer

Hi All :)
I am soooo behind on blogging {as usual LOL}...sorry :) But I have an excuse - I've been busy :)
Here is what I haven't BLOGged about...yet :)

Very cute wedding of Shirline and Matthew

Friday, July 8, 2011

{Zach - The Great Knight} | Calgary family photographer

On a very, very hot summer day, I was invited to witness monster fights with knights with swords hosted by the fearless Mr.Z, surrounded by the warm love of his mom, Princess Shannon and the very respected Knight, Sir Mike! :) In moments like this, I wish I could see the world through little Zach's eyes when we were having fun running around. :) Kids are so incredibly awesome and that's why I love taking photos of them with their families. :)

{Colette + Kelly} Engaged! | Calgary wedding photographer

Colette and I know each other for a couple of years now {we played softball together} and I was very excited, when she asked me to do their engagement photos :) It was so great to see how they look at each other, how they hold each other in their arms :) Thank you guys so much for sharing those moments with me!  You both looked so happy and so much in love. And congratulations on your wedding! {coming up so soon!}

Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Anna + Ivan} Engaged! | Calgary wedding photographer

Yay! My best friend Ivan got engaged! Well...they've been engaged for a few months now, but we were waiting for the perfect weather to take pictures :) We actually had to reschedule our session a few times, as the weather just wouldn't cooperate. :(  Ivan and Anna {his, absolutely, gorgeous fiance} really wanted to have a themed engagement session done. :)  Using "Little Red Riding Hood" as inspiration, and a couple of boxing gloves...Oh yes, we had fun :D They made my job so easy! I just couldn't get enough of those two :)
Their wedding is going to be this September and I cannot wait to photograph that special day for them! Congratulations to you guys!

{Baby Caleb} | Calgary newborn photographer

Amanda and I used to work together for a few years and I was there when she got engaged, got married and I was incredibly happy to be a part of a new stage in hers and her husband Brett's life - meeting their first baby boy Caleb :)

Caleb was born on May 25, 2011 and was 7lbs.8oz ; 21 Inches long. Also, he is one adorably bundle of joy! Well, you take a look for yourself :) 

{Duncan Clan} | Calgary family photographer

It's been a year since my last photo shoot with Jason and his family. From my last family photo shoot with them super adorable baby Alexis became a toddler, super adorable one too :) I think her and I share a special connection :) I love to cuddle her and she gladly let me do it :P
This time it was a special, surprise shoot for their parents, so they asked me not to share anything until the secret it out :) So, the secret is out, and I am very happy to show you what they've been hiding all this time :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Calgary Concert Opera Company | Calgary performance photographer

One of my friends is an incredible opera singer - Barbara King. Her and Chris founded this new amazing company "Calgary Concert Opera Company", where they provide opportunities for opera singers to learn roles from different operas and to perform them for audiences in a comfortable environment. Barbara and Chris are fun, life loving, intelligent and kind people and every time I have to work with them - it's just pure pleasure.

The concert was amazing, all of the Voices were just mesmerizing! The hall was full and everyone enjoyed the performance. To me opera has some kind of magic and as I look at it - you MUST be an excellent singer as well as perfect performer and all of them were very good at it. Congratulations to Barbara and Chris on such a great beginnings!

Check out "Calgary Concert Opera Company" website for upcoming events.

Here are some of the photos from their Gala opening night:

Beautiful wedding! | Calgary wedding photographer

What a beautiful night it was! After taking pictures for Almadina Language Charter Academy, I was invited to take pictures of the beautiful wedding reception. The couple was married four months ago and only after waiting for this long they can actually be together! How cool and interesting is that? Here is some of my favorite shots from that night:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Tianna - First Communion} | Calgary wedding photographer

On the absolutely gorgeous day of May 1st one of the most beautiful girls in Calgary had her First Holy Communion. The ceremony was amazing and all kids were very patient and in the end were very proud. I am very happy that I had such a unique opportunity to be a part of this very important day in their life.
Here is a few photographs from their big day:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Evo Workshop #1

Not long ago my awesome friend, Kurtis Kristianson from Spindrift Photography, organized yet another amazing workshop. I've been to most of his workshops and can never get enough of the information. He was teaching us Off Camera Flash (OCF), which I use in almost all my photo shoots and highly recommend attending his course. Check out a few of my pictures from the workshop, as well as make sure you check out the workshop page

"Suki Sisters" fun promo shoot | Calgary wedding photographer

One cold winter day me and a couple of my fellow photographers {Svetlana and Katya} participated in a fun photo shoot for an amazing and talented sisters -  Lisa and Janel, who founded the company "Suki". They make a very unique hair pieces, that you can wear every day or pick something for your wedding day. I would gladly take home all of them :) Check them out!

"Suki" online store:
MUA: Trena Paulhus Olfert
Hair: Kassandra Hammoud

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Little flower - Little Miss I} | Calgary newborn photographer

I was waiting for this day with anticipation :) This wonderful couple has been with me since the very beginning of my photography journey. I've been there on their wedding day, when Natalia got pregnant and now I met their brand new baby girl :) A little flower head, so adorable and precious! Daddy will have to start worrying NOW :P She is going to be a major heart beaker :) I love you guys :)

{Claudette + Jonathan} | Calgary love story photographer

This year St.Valentine's day was extra special for me :) Not only I was spending it with the love of my life - my husband Perry, but I shared this day with a beautiful couple - Jonathan and Claudette. What an adorable couple they are! I just couldn't get enough of them. The day was just perfect for a sweet special cuddling :) Thank you guys for letting me be a part of it! XOXO

Baby K | Lethbridge newborn photographer

Not long ago I had great pleasure to photograph a wonderful miracle - a beautiful maternity session with Nicole. This time I will share a few photos from our cute little baby session with adorable Mr.K :) Congratulations to you guys! He is such a cutie!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Megan + Patrick} | Love story | Calgary couples photographer

This amazing couple is very special to me. They are my good friends, who will be leaving this summer :( I love Megan for her amazing personality (she is a school teacher and can handle anything!) and Patrick is a personal trainer, who kicks my behind for not eating healthy and slacking off at the gym :P Sorry :P I'm trying very hard! is their love story :)
This photo shoot was a surprise gift to Megan on St.Valentine's Day :)
Love you guys!

Baby T and Mr.C | Calgary child photographer

My very good friend has two super adorable kids :) Every time I see them - I just want to grab my camera and shoot away :) see for yourself :) Just by looking at these I want to take pictures of them again :D Tanya, I'm coming over LOL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gorgeous Nicole | Lethbridge maternity photographer

I am very happy that I had this amazing opportunity to photograph this gorgeous mommy-to-be :) Not only, because I'm in love with belly-baby photo shoots, but also because I had the great opportunity to have a very first photo shoot with my super cute nephew :P Yeah...he is right there :) In all the pictures :) Take a look :)

{Monica + Dan} | Calgary wedding photographer

On the cold day, right before Christmas two beautiful people tied the knot :) Monica really wanted to get the "Peter Lougheed House" for their reception, so we had to work around their available date, which was quite interesting :) The day was just perfect! Crispy air, filled with love and lots of laughter :) The amazing thing happened during their ceremony - as the day was pretty grey at first - right after they were pronouced husband and wife the sun start shining so bright, that people were covering their eyes :) It was magical! I Wan to wish you, beautiful people, all the happiness in the world on your special day!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beautiful Natalia | Maternity | Calgary maternity photographer

My good friend Natalia is expecting :) And I was very happy when she called and asked if I can take pictures of her baby-belly :) Of course I said "Yes!". Natalia and Martin are also my one of the first clients :) I was honoured to take their wedding pictures and now I cannot wait to meet their baby Ivanka :) And I cannot express how amazing it makes you feel, when your clients are coming back to you over and over :) Thank you guys!

The Mouwen Family | Calgary family photographer

Winter wonderland :) Just before Christmas we had lots of fun running around, having snow fights and just being happy selves :) I Love family photo shoot. They always bring the best in people :) Here is some of the pictures

{Paije + Terry} | The Wedding Reception | Calgary wedding photographer

This was one of my favorite days :) This couple is so amazing, that I don't even have words to describe their awesomeness :) When we first met I felt instant connection with both of them, which not happens all the time and barely was able to wait for their big day to come! The day was incredible, Paije and Terry were surrounded by close friends, lots of love and laughter. Here is some of the pictures. Enjoy!

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