Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gorgeous Sabina | TTD (Trash The Dress) session | Calgary wedding photographer

This was one of the most fun photo shoots! Sabina contacted me a few weeks prior the shoot and we were talking about how we are going to do this session. The weather in Calgary is not very cooperative and we had to postpone it for a week and we both basically were standing by the phone, so in case the weather will be good - I will pack all my gear and we will go right away :) Luckily for both of us Calgary treated us with +25C on the day of the photo shoot! And how happy and excited we both were! And before the photo shoot Sabina told me that her and her husband are expecting their first baby :) I can't wait to see the cute baby bump and the baby :)

And now - the pictures :)

Little Miss E | Calgary kids photographer

Here is another beautiful family :) Little Miss E was super adorable and fun to be around :) She did so great even though she was getting a little sick :( Poor little girl :( But we sure had lots of fun that day :) Check it out

Lindsay and Mike | Wedding Day | Calgary wedding photographer

I know...I should be punished for not blogging for THAT long...but I will try to catch up :)

You guys remember Lindsay and Mike, when we did their engagement session back in May. So, on a very beautiful, although not so warm, Calgary day of September 18th I had greatest pleasure to photograph their amazing wedding! Right from the start, when Lindsay got home from the hairdresser, the day was filled with laughter, love and brightest smiles in the whole world! The ceremony was very beautiful and sincere, and every single person in that room was touched by the love between that gorgeous bride and handsome groom :) I always knew that Lindsay was an extraordinary person, but during the reception I learned even more about her: she is not only an amazing person, but also greatest friend to have. She helped her friend through his toughest time in his life - going through cancer...She never walked away from the frightening life situations, instead she made it look much better and easier for everyone. Mike is the one of the most loyal, honest and life loving person and sure made a very handsome groom, who will always be by her side and will always protect her.

I wish you guys all the happiness in the world! You two deserve it!

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