Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad! | Calgary birthday photographer

Today is my dad's birthday :) I wish him all the happiness, a lot of love and hugs :) I love you :)

As a gift I (well...technically it was an amazing Nicole from "Something sweet by Nicole", who did an incredible job) made him cupcakes :) And not just cupcakes! They are red velvet with cheese cake top and, as he is the biggest book worm I have ever met, books and wormies on the top :P YumM! I almost eat them all on the way home :D Smell sooooo good! And they are home made too!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fearless baby Kayla | Baby stories | Calgary kids and family photographer

Last Sunday (Well...the photo shoot was supposed to happen on Saturday, but with weather in Calgary you just can't guess right :D We were planning this shoot for so long and were so excited to do it, that I guess we made weather jealous :P and it was raining) I photographed this fun family of 4: Mom and Dad, Rusty and fearless baby Kayla :) She is so small, but already trained the dog - Rusty, knows how to share, run around and be so cute and adorable that no one could ever resist :) She is going to be a trouble maker :P look for yourself :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

{M + M} |The W Day | Calgary wedding photographer

This couple has a very interesting story and it goes all the way back to Africa.

Here is the story from the bride:
My sister Juliet sponsored me to come to Canada and she is the first born of the family. My brother George practically raised me and put me through school, my grandmother was along side him in the struggle as both my parents are deceased.

My Auntie Betty who is married to uncle Peter is the only is the only direct sister to my mother alive and they have both been a big part of life.

Micah, the groom, was born and raised in Calgary and has a brother and one parent his mother as his father is deceased too."
In Canada, she continued to learn and push herself through school and her new life, and eventually found her true love. So, here were are today, watching this beautiful couple get married and starting their own family. Congratulations to you guys! Have a long and happy life together!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{ J + J } | The W Day! | Banff wedding photographer

Sorry guys...I Know I haven't been here for quite some time now...well...I've been busy :) As usual :)
So here is another post about one gorgeous couple getting married :) You all remember the engagement session of two beautiful people J And J :) So...the day has come and they now husband and wife :) The day was fabulous! Beautiful sky, wonderful people and absolutely unbelievable nature! When we went to take some pictures only of the newly weds, we run into a bikers couple, who were taking pictures of us taking pictures :D And...I'm not being so shy - asked, if I could borrow their bike for the pictures :) And how happy I was when they said YES! Pleeese take it!  THANK YOU guys SO much!
 And now - pictures time :)

Congratulations to you guys one more time!

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