Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Calgary at night | Calgary Event, wedding, maternity, family and newborn photographer

Tonight I just went to take couple of pictures of our beautiful city of Calgary. I have a huge wall that just asking to have something on it :) So...why not this picture? :)

I'm sure it will look good on the stretched canvas :P Well...that was the plan...What do you think? I also tried to use my flash "off the leash"...and, of course, Adelina was my model yet again :) Thanks for helping me out, eh? :)

Have a good night everyone :)

Go ahead! Snap a moment!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

{Adelina} | Calgary portrait photographer

Today I went to check out a couple of my secret locations and took couple of pictures of my friend Adelina :)

Aleksey Julanov | Real Estate Agent | Calgary commercial, people photographer

Today, I had a great time photographing one of Calgary's real estate agents - Aleksey.
He is with DISCOVER REAL ESTATE LTD. and on the road to great success!
I also would like to personally thank a wonderful home owner who allowed us to photograph their beautiful house :) Yes...I did ask before taking a picture :) I respect privacy :)

Iryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Aleksey Julanov | Real Estate Agent | Calgary people, wedding, engagement and family photographer

Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo shoot for Haiti | Calgary event and sports photographer

My friend Lynnell, a wonderful boot camp instructor at HOT FOX, organized the fundraiser event for Haiti and I supported it with all my heart! It is always very encouraging to see how people sweating their butts off to show how much they care! Great job you guys!

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