Monday, December 27, 2010

{Miss Maya} | The baby story | Calgary baby photographer

One of my friends (Cute family of three + 1 now :) ) welcomed their second child: Absolutely adorable baby M :) She is extremely cute, smiles and has a cute little dimple :) And she is only 3 weeks old :)

{Sean + Amber} | Engaged! | Calgary wedding photographer

Here is a love story of two beautiful people: Sean and Amber. Their wedding is next year in August and I can hardly wait! These two are so much fun!

The Smith Family | Calgary family photographer

This is our second family session with this amazing family. It is always interesting to see how fast kids are growing! And how cute they are, how they take care of each other, protecting and just being fun selves :) Thank you guys so much for sharing your day with me!

The Wigginton Family | Calgary family photographer

Here is one fun family photo shoot that we had this year :) This family is so full of energy, laughs and love for each other! I really enjoyed every second with them :) Oh and one fun fact about this photo shoot - there is  people in pictures :P

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gorgeous Sabina | TTD (Trash The Dress) session | Calgary wedding photographer

This was one of the most fun photo shoots! Sabina contacted me a few weeks prior the shoot and we were talking about how we are going to do this session. The weather in Calgary is not very cooperative and we had to postpone it for a week and we both basically were standing by the phone, so in case the weather will be good - I will pack all my gear and we will go right away :) Luckily for both of us Calgary treated us with +25C on the day of the photo shoot! And how happy and excited we both were! And before the photo shoot Sabina told me that her and her husband are expecting their first baby :) I can't wait to see the cute baby bump and the baby :)

And now - the pictures :)

Little Miss E | Calgary kids photographer

Here is another beautiful family :) Little Miss E was super adorable and fun to be around :) She did so great even though she was getting a little sick :( Poor little girl :( But we sure had lots of fun that day :) Check it out

Lindsay and Mike | Wedding Day | Calgary wedding photographer

I know...I should be punished for not blogging for THAT long...but I will try to catch up :)

You guys remember Lindsay and Mike, when we did their engagement session back in May. So, on a very beautiful, although not so warm, Calgary day of September 18th I had greatest pleasure to photograph their amazing wedding! Right from the start, when Lindsay got home from the hairdresser, the day was filled with laughter, love and brightest smiles in the whole world! The ceremony was very beautiful and sincere, and every single person in that room was touched by the love between that gorgeous bride and handsome groom :) I always knew that Lindsay was an extraordinary person, but during the reception I learned even more about her: she is not only an amazing person, but also greatest friend to have. She helped her friend through his toughest time in his life - going through cancer...She never walked away from the frightening life situations, instead she made it look much better and easier for everyone. Mike is the one of the most loyal, honest and life loving person and sure made a very handsome groom, who will always be by her side and will always protect her.

I wish you guys all the happiness in the world! You two deserve it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad! | Calgary birthday photographer

Today is my dad's birthday :) I wish him all the happiness, a lot of love and hugs :) I love you :)

As a gift I (well...technically it was an amazing Nicole from "Something sweet by Nicole", who did an incredible job) made him cupcakes :) And not just cupcakes! They are red velvet with cheese cake top and, as he is the biggest book worm I have ever met, books and wormies on the top :P YumM! I almost eat them all on the way home :D Smell sooooo good! And they are home made too!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fearless baby Kayla | Baby stories | Calgary kids and family photographer

Last Sunday (Well...the photo shoot was supposed to happen on Saturday, but with weather in Calgary you just can't guess right :D We were planning this shoot for so long and were so excited to do it, that I guess we made weather jealous :P and it was raining) I photographed this fun family of 4: Mom and Dad, Rusty and fearless baby Kayla :) She is so small, but already trained the dog - Rusty, knows how to share, run around and be so cute and adorable that no one could ever resist :) She is going to be a trouble maker :P look for yourself :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

{M + M} |The W Day | Calgary wedding photographer

This couple has a very interesting story and it goes all the way back to Africa.

Here is the story from the bride:
My sister Juliet sponsored me to come to Canada and she is the first born of the family. My brother George practically raised me and put me through school, my grandmother was along side him in the struggle as both my parents are deceased.

My Auntie Betty who is married to uncle Peter is the only is the only direct sister to my mother alive and they have both been a big part of life.

Micah, the groom, was born and raised in Calgary and has a brother and one parent his mother as his father is deceased too."
In Canada, she continued to learn and push herself through school and her new life, and eventually found her true love. So, here were are today, watching this beautiful couple get married and starting their own family. Congratulations to you guys! Have a long and happy life together!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{ J + J } | The W Day! | Banff wedding photographer

Sorry guys...I Know I haven't been here for quite some time now...well...I've been busy :) As usual :)
So here is another post about one gorgeous couple getting married :) You all remember the engagement session of two beautiful people J And J :) So...the day has come and they now husband and wife :) The day was fabulous! Beautiful sky, wonderful people and absolutely unbelievable nature! When we went to take some pictures only of the newly weds, we run into a bikers couple, who were taking pictures of us taking pictures :D And...I'm not being so shy - asked, if I could borrow their bike for the pictures :) And how happy I was when they said YES! Pleeese take it!  THANK YOU guys SO much!
 And now - pictures time :)

Congratulations to you guys one more time!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{B + M} | The W Day | High River wedding photographer

Yet another wonderful wedding of two beautiful people! Last Saturday I was a lucky girl to photograph such a beautiful wedding in High River. The weather before that day was just, let's say, not very pretty...all the smoke from BC covered the whole sky making everything looks so dull. On the wedding day the sky cleared out a bit and during the ceremony the sun came right through the gazebo and it was so beautiful and mesmerizing! It was a great day and it will be a beautiful "ever after" for this incredibly wonderful couple, that are so in love! Congratulations for you guys! All the best!

Friday, August 20, 2010

{C + G} | The W Day | Calgary wedding photographer

The whole day before that was raining...the morning of was rainy and dark and I Was checking forecast the whole week before and the day of :) And How happy I was when the rain stopped and the sun start shining right before the ceremony! The sky was amazing, the day was beautiful and full of surprises and two people were married! :) Congratulations to you guys! All the best!

{Ms.K} | Life style session | Calgary commercial photographer

So...yet again I am very much behind on blogging :) So I will try to catch up a bit :)

I know Ms.K for a few years now and I so in love with her personality that when she asked me to do her head shots I just couldn't say no. A very genuine, kind and amazingly incredible person! Well...see for yourself

Thursday, August 5, 2010

{Ms.R} | Lifestyle session | Calgary portrait photographer

Today I had the great pleasure to photograph one of the most beautiful girls - Ms.R.
Thank you so much for being so wonderful and easy going!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Miss Chiara Adel} | The Baby story | Calgary baby photographer

Not long ago a did a maternity session for an awesome couple. Today I will share with you their pride and joy - Baby Chiara Adel. She is only 16 days old :) Very cute and mom and dad love her immensely! Congratulations to you guys! She is precious!

Friday, July 30, 2010

The after wedding things | Calgary wedding photographer

I decided to share where to go and what to ask :) Hope this will save you some time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

{ J + J } | Engaged! | Calgary wedding photographer

Here is a beautiful couple in love that I had pleasure photographing yesterday :) They are so much fun and adorable! And I can't wait for their wedding this August. Congratulations to you guys!

Here is some of the pictures from our fun photo shoot :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

{ S + J } | The W Day | Olds wedding photographer

What a great Saturday it was! My wonderful couple (I posted earlier their engagement pictures) got married this past Saturday. They got married in Olds on a beautiful, a little rainy, but still perfect day of July 10th, 2010.

On my way to Olds rain was pouring so hard that you could barely see a car in front of you and the only thing that was in my head “These guys are so damn lucky and will have a long and happy life” :) Rain is for luck and that much rain is for even greater luck and happiness :) Congratulations to you guys! Thanks for choosing me and for sharing your very special day with me!

Here is some of the pictures from your wonderful day:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

{B + I} | The W Day | Calgary wedding photographer

Last Friday I was photographing another heart warming wedding :) Ms.I and Mr.B got married after over 20 years of knowing each other :) Yep. Mr.B noticed Ms.I when she was 6 years old :) How cute and awesome is that? The day was perfect; ceremony was very intimate and very sincere. I wish you guys all the happiness in the world and long and happy married life! Masel tov!

Monday, July 5, 2010

{C + T} | The W Day | Calgary wedding photographer

This year July 1st wasn't just a Canada day, it as filled with more love, more tears of happiness and emotions then ever before for Ms.C and Mr.T :) They got married!

Here is some of the shots from their big day:

{Fun family shoot} | Calgary family photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I photographed this wonderful family. We had lots of laughter, running around and enjoying the beautiful day Calgary offered us that weekend :) Here are some of my favourite pictures of this fun and loving family:

{K + M} | Belly story | Calgary maternity photographer

I am very-very behind oh blogging :) Well...not much of a talker really :) But here it is...

I will start with a beautiful belly story from Ms.K and Mr.M :) I know Ms.K for a few years now and was very honoured when she asked me to take pictures of their very first love in the belly :) Ms.K is very beautiful, but pregnancy made her even more glowing and wonderfully radiant :) Congratulations to you guys and I cannot wait to meet your little one :)

Iryna Moriyama, Iryna Photography, Calgary maternity,baby,pregnancy photography

Saturday, June 19, 2010

{S + J} | Beautiful family, wonderful new beginning :) | Calgary family photographer

Last week, I had great pleasure in shooting a little pre-wedding photo shoot for a beautiful bride-to-be, Shannon and her family :) We had a lot of fun playing ball, swinging on swings and just enjoying the nice weather :)

Ms.S and Mr.J will get married this summer on July 10th and I cannot wait for this wonderful day to come! Congratulations guys!
Iryna Moriyama,bowness,engagement, wedding,family photographer,Calgary photographerIryna Moriyama,bowness,engagement, wedding,family photographer,Calgary photographer

Friday, June 11, 2010

{VR Massage U Knead} | Calgary massage therapists

Today I had a pretty busy day. I had a session with one of the best in massage therapy clinic - VR Massage U Knead.

The owners of this clinic, Vlad and Rayisa, are incredible people. They are very kind and know their business from A to Z. They are always busy and booking very fast from all around Alberta and British Columbia! They sure have magic hands! Check it out for yourself!

Their clinic conveniently located on 17 Avenue SW:
#115, 519-17 Avenue SW, Calgary Alberta

Call them to book your appointment: 403.228.7701

Iryna Moriyama | VR Massage U Knead | Calgary photographer| Massage clinic

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{Yelena + Alexandr} | Married! | Calgary wedding photographer

Last Saturday I photographed a traditional Russian wedding. And was it fun! The couple is awesome, guests are gorgeous, the atmosphere blasting energy! So, June 5, 2010 Yelena and Alexander started their new life and I witnessed every little detail of joy and happiness! Congratulations to you guys! Many years of love and happiness to both of you!

Iryna Moriyama | Calgary wedding photography | Russian wedding | Yelena and AlexandrIryna Moriyama | Calgary wedding photography | Russian wedding | Yelena and Alexandr

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Lindsay + Mike} | Okotoks wedding photographer

I had a great pleasure to photograph this wonderful couple. Lindsay and Mike have been together for almost three years and got engaged last November. I had a lot of fun and giggles with them and cannot wait for their wedding this fall :)

Iryna Moriyama | Okotoks engagement photographer | Lindsay and MikeIryna Moriyama | Okotoks engagement photographer | Lindsay and Mike

O.C.F. Workshop | Drumheller lifestyle photographer

So, I am crazy behind on blogging :) But I have an excuse for that! I've been busy!
Last Saturday me and a few other photographers: Nancy and Maros , Eaterina, Kurtis and Julie  went to Drumheller to have a off camera flash workshop with two beautiful models: Darcy and Rebecca.
Here is some of the pictures:
Iryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Drumheller wedding, engagement and family photographerIryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Drumheller wedding, engagement and family photographer

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where and How to save your money | Calgary wedding photographer

As many of you know, I am getting married to a wonderful man this summer and, as most of us I don't want to over pay for things without any need for it.
I did a lot of research and found following places to save your buck:

  • To alter your wedding gown: most of the places charge ridiculous amount of money for simple thing. By being lucky I found this girl, Shannon, from Motek Clothing Co., who altered my Alfred Sung dress for $52.50 (including GST and custom ties for my long train!) She is awesome and conveniently located in the Fashion Central on Stephens Avenue and first street (Down town).
          Monday- Friday 10AM – 6PM
          Saturday 10.30AM – 6PM
         Call for more info: 403.266.3887

  • Another place to save some money is the registries! When applying for a marriage license you might want to shop around. The government cost of it is only $40, registries charging their own price, depending either on weather conditions, or how they felt that day…it might vary from $67 to crazy $120! For the same piece of paper! So, the cheapest I was able to find is the one on McLeod Trail (4660 MacLeod Trail SW) for $66.25

Good luck!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

{AG Plateria - Silver Boutique} | Calgary photographer

Last Friday, it was my absolute pleasure to photograph one of the most enjoyable places for a girl to shop in Calgary – The AG Silver Boutique! Yes, I am a girly girl sometimes! :D What can I say? I love pretty, shiny and tasteful things! :)
The owner of this place, Jose Luis, is a very friendly and welcoming person. When I first stepped into the store, I thought that it was probably a super expensive place, as everything looked just so amazingly beautiful that it had to be expensive...I was wrong! Prices were more than acceptable and the quality of the items was remarkable (my friends know my expensive taste for things :) )! So, I asked Jose Luis where he gets these beautiful creations. “It is a family business” he said “And we design and create our own pieces. That’s what makes them unique” ...and I completely agree with him.

You can find this beautiful store conveniently located in the heart of downtown Calgary on Stephens Avenue (212, 805 - First Street SW – on 8th Ave.) – Fashion Central on the Upper Level. Mon - Sat 11am - 6pm; you will need to make an appointment if you would like to visit the store on Sunday.

Iryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Calgary wedding, engagement and family photographer | AG Plateria | Silver Boutique

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun walk around

Today me and couple of my friends photographers {Svetlana Yanova , Ekaterina Ulovich and Chris MacRae} went for a fun walk around with absolutely gorgeous model Elaine. After that I had another fun photo shoot for a local jewelry artist and the store owner. I cannot wait to share my pictures with you!

[Update: May 1, 2010] So, here is some of the pictures I took during our photowalk yesterday!

Iryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Calgary wedding, engagement and family photographer

Thursday, April 29, 2010

{Darian Abel Ross - A very baby story} Part II | Calgary baby photographer

A couple of months ago I had a great pleasure to photograph the Ross family: mom Shauna, dad Ian and a pretty little girl Ashlyn :) 5 weeks ago this family welcomed their precious baby boy Darian Abel Ross!
Iryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Darian Abel Ross - A very baby story | Calgary newborn, pregnancy and family photographerIryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Darian Abel Ross - A very baby story | Calgary newborn, pregnancy and family photographer

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{Darian Abel Ross - A very baby story} | Calgary baby photographer

Here is a little teaser from tonight's photo session with the youngest client I Have ever had :D Please welcome baby boy Darian Abel Ross!

calgary baby photographer

calgary newborn photographer

Stay tuned for more!

Go ahead! Snap a moment!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{Duncan clan} | Lethbridge familty photographer

I am very excited to introduce you this wonderful family: Jason with his beautiful wife Leonie and cute little baby girl Alexis; Jason's sister Denise with her beautiful two kids: Jonathan and Jessica; Jason's brother Kevin with Daughters Sydney and Tori, and, of course mom and dad: Dianne and Al Duncan.

It was the day of fun and gigles, girls were very helpful and made everything possible to make little Lexi look at me and smile :) Thank you Sydney very much! You are awesome :) Dianne and Al were very kind and shared their memories of kids growing up and their pictures :) I Love family stories! Anyways...I will quit talking now and let you take a look at their pictures :)

Iryna Moriyama | IRYNA PHOTOGRAPHY | Duncan Clan | Lethbridge wedding, engagement and family photographer
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